Discover our plans for biking across the country and follow us along the way...



So-Cal and The Door to The Rockies

Ceremoniously, we'll dip our toes into the Pacific and look eastward towards the banks of New England, the end point of our adventure over 7 months and 7,000 miles away. Cycling through National Parks is the highlight of our West Coast portion of the adventure, and there won't be any shortage of these along the way. We'll tackle Joshua Tree, Grand Escalante, Arches, Moab, Mesa Verde, and the Grand Canyon to name just a few of these on the trail. 

Besides the big parks, we also are planning a stopover in Vegas and Salt Lake City as we make our way northward. There are also no shortage of climbs during this phase of the journey. Just outside of Vegas will be one of (if not the) most difficult climb of the trip: a 26 mile stretch of road making up 5,000 feet of elevation gain over the Arizonian border. We'll also tackle a 40 mile climb just outside of Grand Junction, CO which promises to have views well worth all the effort. 

You can find a more in-depth plan for the roads we'll take here:  San Diego to Mesa Verde and Mesa Verde to Boise, ID.

The Pacific Northwest and Into Canada

Climbing, climbing, and more climbing will be the tone as we ride the exchange from the Rockies to the Sierra Nevada. For a 900 mile stretch of road, we'll climb the same distance as it would to reach the top of Mount Everest. While we'll be hitting a few of the more popular urban centers of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver during this stretch, it's also marked by what appears to be the most gorgeous mountains of the trip: Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Hood. 

You can find a detailed breakdown of the roads will be on for this here: Boise to Vancouver, Canada 

The Journey Across America

The long journey from coast to coast truly begins in Vancouver, the last we'll see the ocean until we reach our final destination in Maine later in the year. We'll cover a wide diversity of landscapes as we descend from the Canadian glaciers, cycle through the majestic Yellowstone Park, and navigate the South Dakotan Badlands. The hope is that we'll have a tailwind to guide us off the Rockies, but in truth, it's hard to know for sure what the weather will have in store for us. 

The ride up to Banff should be challenging, but the route we are working off  doesn't appear to be nearly as difficult as the first month we spend in the Rockies. Banff is a huge draw for us. The pictures alone inspired us to tack on almost 700 extra miles to reach it. It'll be epic park to epic park from there as we set our eyes on Yellowstone, approximately 700 miles to the south. 

Setting a course eastward from Yellowstone, we'll pass by Mount Rushmore, across the plains of the Dakotas, and into the bustling city of Minneapolis to visit friends. The roadside scenery should pick up considerably from there: we'll set out across the land of 10,000 lakes and around the Lake Michigan, before turning back into Canada.The last few days we'll hopefully spend time vacationing in Niagara Falls. Neither of us have been to Niagara, and it's something we have always talked about visiting, so this is definitely a highlight we look forward to. 

You can find a detailed breakdown of this leg of the journey using the following on Map My Ride:  Vancouver to Bitterroot Forrest ; Bitterroot Forrest to White Lake, SD ; White Lake to Traverse City; and Traverse City to Niagara Falls.

A New England Horizon 

I imagine we'll be faced with mixed emotions as we actually lay out this last leg of our adventure. This section is made up of familiar turf for us, as we've lived in Boston for over 7 years now. During this time, we've taken several cycling trips around the Green Mountains of Vermont, with one two-week trip through the Adirondacks and up around Lake Champlain. 

Still, we feel equally excited for this as we do for any other section of the journey. The hope is that we enter New England just as Autumn sets in. Along forested mountain roads lined with leaves in vibrant shades of orange and red, we'll ride our last downhill off the White Mountains of New Hampshire until finally reaching the coast in Wells, Maine. 

Here is the detailed route map that we'll use to get home: Niagara Falls to Wells, Maine.