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For a look at where we are now and where we plan to be over the next year, we've mapped out the adventure here.

South America Route

North America Route


How We Planned

Learn about all the resources and tools that we pulled in to research this epic adventure. Then use them to plan your own!

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burning it all down

Burning It All Down....

In late 2018, we decided to "burn our lives down" as we began preparations for a 10,000 + mile journey on bikes across two continents. It's honestly not too far from the truth. We've sold most of our furniture, cut our wardrobe to 8 pieces of clothing each, and live out of 6 panniers.

There's no doubt that the we experienced a "call to adventure," which totally flipped our comfortable lives on end. Some call us wreckless, while others have expressed a sense of wonder that we are embarking on this journey. Both could be true.

It's our goal to inspire others to find their own ways of breaking out of their comfort zone and finding new ways to allow life to surprise you. We just choose to do so.... by two pedals.

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Clips From The Road

Recap Video: Biking the Balkans

For our first long range tour, we cycled 3,000 miles through 11 countries in the Balkan States. This adventure inspired future trips we'd take together and help us understand that "struggle" ultimately leads to happiness. The original site is no longer live, but you can still see a recap here:


1 Second a Day: The Life of Ski

Each month, we'll show you one second a day from the previous month on the road: 


Lakeside in Bosnia

Video doesn't do this scene justice, though it does begin to paint a picture of the beauty we experienced in Bosnia. Though we researched our route through the region thoroughly, none of us expected to see this view as we descended the mountains around Prozor.


1 Second a Day: Suzie's Adventures

Here is a look at what we did to plan for the month of January... or at least half of it:

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