Two Youg(ish)sters Answering The Call to Adventure

Suzie and Ski are two adventurous spirits who believe that life can and should always be exciting. We value the quest for perspective, always pushing beyond the bounds of our comfort zones, and approaching decisions with an open mind. We regard travel the best means to achieve broader context within the world around us. That by spending time with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, we have the best chance of achieving true personal growth and making a positive difference in the world.    

Since 2011, Boston, Massachusetts is the place that we've happily called home. We love everything about this city: cheering for our favorite teams in every sport, immersing ourselves in the history and culture, screaming at drivers who spend over 3 seconds stopped at a stop sign (come on dude!), and being nearby our family and friends. It's also a great jumping off spot to get out into the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire or the Maine coastline for weekend rides on our bikes. 

We love to cycle. Besides completing a 3-month 3,000 mile cycle tour in the Balkans (before moving to Boston),  we have taken time off to explore Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Beyond these trips, the hills of New Hampshire and Vermont; and the Maine coastline are where we spend a bulk of our time traveling by bike.

In late 2018, we made the boldest of calls to follow through with an idea we'd always talked about: to travel across the Americas on a cycle tour. This meant leaving our amazing jobs, comfortable apartment and (most difficult of all) loving friends and family behind for a year(ish?). 

Our mission here is simple: to inspire others to get out and take an adventure. 

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I was a huge whiner when I was a kid, I mean huge. I hated all foods, even the really reasonable ones kids are supposed to love like french fries and ketchup. Every summer my parents would pile their 4 kids and huge dog into their 80s VW Van and drive through the night to any National Park we could reach from California. We saw it all: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Jasper, Mesa Verde, the list really goes on and on. Every hike I would beg to take the shuttle bus and was notoriously labeled "The Caboose" because I was always in the way, way back and I was always, most definitely complaining. 

I'm happy to report that 20 years later, like most things you grow out of--frosted tips, flared jeans, enjoying Michael Bay movies--I've grown out of hating reasonable condiments and hiking in last place. 

I've been fortunate enough to have biked, paddled, swam, trekked, lived and adventured through five continents. My personal, golden promise to myself is that I need to visit as many countries as I am old (I'll let you guess what that number is). It keeps me honest with the amount of fun I'm having compared to work and it makes sure I never stop reaching. And with 10,000 miles planned and nearly a year on the road, I think my parents would be pretty stoked on my personal progress. Though, admittedly, I feel the proudest when I'm able to beat Ski at really anything. Because let's be honest, just because you're married doesn't mean you still can't be a little competitive ;-)




I believe that to truly know yourself and be able to contextualize the world around you, you need to get out and live in it. That without discomfort and pushing boundaries, you will never realize your full self. 

Born and raised in New England, I spent my summers mountain biking in the Maine woods and the winters going snowboarding around New Hampshire. I caught the travel bug while getting my Masters in London back in 2008 and spent the next 4 years seeing all I could in Europe and Asia (where I met Suzie). 

Besides cycling, I love playing guitar, writing, learning about anything with historical significance (especially if an old wooden ship is involved), anything to do with a Boston-based sports team, beer (though I've also been seen drinking wine and spirits of all shapes and sizes), keeping up to date on marketing trends, and listening to as many podcasts as I can get my hands on. 

Known Aliases: Andrew Godlewski, Park Chun-Dung, Bak Wan