Partnering with By 2 Pedals

We are interested in working with individuals and organizations that are connected to our mission. First and foremost, this site and our stories are meant to inspire others to go forth and adventure!! If you'd like to support us or help us get the word out, please fill out the form above and we'll be in touch... as soon as we get some internet :) 

Partnership for us can take several different forms. If you have insight our audience could benefit from reading, would like to include our stories on your own site, or have ideas for places to visit on our trip, we want to hear about it! We'd also love to meet up with you if you are going to be in the area we are as we cycle across the Americas.

We do not currently have any relationships with other brands or individuals, but it's early days yet for us and we haven't even set out on the journey. Check back in later to see who we are linking up with for the adventure :)