Posted by Suzie Godlewski ● Jun 5, 2019 2:23:20 AM

Turning East

Its a big thing, changing direction.

For the past month we’ve been heading due north, with the Pacific Ocean to our left to guide the way. But two days ago, after 1,370 miles, we exited the 101 and turned directly east to start our 4,000 mile trek across the United States.

Redwood Biking

The ocean is a magical co-pilot. It provides beauty and distraction when the weather is bad and the air always smells and feels fresh. The occasional sighting of dolphins, a beach full of seals, or rows of pelicans surfing the tide really makes you feel like life is really, really good. It feels how cycling touring should feel.

The turn east also means we’ll actually need to check a map, like… multiple times a day. The cycling route along the Pacific is Hwy 1, and though it occasionally and then permanently merges into Hwy 101, it's still one long, beautiful route. One road, one direction, for 1,370 miles.

PCH Sign

Lastly, East is a major milestone of our massive 7,000 (recently increased to 8,000) mile journey. We’re over halfway now, passing the 4,000 mile marker this week. Though my Dad will be thrilled to hear that I’m now thinking about my future and I’m pretty sure what my next job will be, for me its crazy to comprehend not sleeping in a tent, not cycling from 9-5pm, not being outside literally all day--which is my favorite part.

So here we go, stage three. More maps, less ocean, more states to explore. Bring it on America.

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